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We believe that beer is an art that deserves to be shared with the world. Imagine, for a moment, that you could have access to every beer in the world fresh from the tap. Your favorite local brewery, your best friend’s homebrew, or an international favorite… all available to you wherever and whenever you want it. Now stop imagining. SYNEK is here. Get one.

Access to 17,000+ brands from 1,200+ breweries. They are committed and excited. Yeah, that list is growing. Like weeds. Or maybe something nicer, like flowers. Flowers are nice. Sign up for the newsletter so you can hear about all the cool breweries on board. We will probably send you a meme. Caution: This may induce laughter.

Time Magazine

“It sounds like a beer lover’s fantasy.”

How the magic happens.

rendering of the Synek System Just the right temperature

Just the right temperature.

Fully refrigerated to optimal beer tastiness setting. Want to adjust it? Go ahead. You’ve got full control. From near freezing to room temperature. Anything is possible.

The perfect pour everytime

The perfect pour, every time.

Flow control tap. Pressurized by a refillable CO2 container. Adjustable CO2 settings. Tweak to your heart’s desire or just leave on our standard settings. Kittens not included.

Spill proof

Drunky spill proof fail safe.

Using advanced alien technologies, we have created a revolutionary drip collecting device that will keep your counter spotless. Removable. Washable. Squeaky clean.

More than
just a bag.

SYNEK bags are first ever flexible packaging that can withstand the pressures of beer and other carbonated beverages. With three primary layers that keep your beer tasting fresh for weeks longer than a growler.

The inside layer is FDA approved and doesn’t react with the contents of beer (which means your beer won’t taste like a metal spoon or plastic toy). Then a layer of stretched aluminum provides oxygen barrier qualities similar to cans and protects your beer from UV rays (sunlight + beer = bad beer). Finally, the bag is coated with a plastic-like polymer that adds additional strength and durability. Treat your beer right. It only deserves the best.

A glass of beer


It really is an easy decision. People create delicious beer. You want delicious beer.  Get a SYNEK. Get access. Get happiness. Have a question you need answered? Email

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SYNEK is a draft system that serves any beer, fresh from the tap, anywhere you want it. SYNEK chills, pressurizes, and preserves your beer for 30+ days even when filled from the tap. Includes bags and an exclusive ticket to our launch parties. Ships by summer 2015.


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