Caroline’s Corner

16 November 2015

Being a Warhawk is simultaneously the best and worst job at SYNEK.

The little things make it the worst, like having to explain the CO2 regulator in my bag to the TSA agent, running out of my travel-sized shampoo, making wrong turns in foreign cities, constantly saying goodbye to my teammates and friends, and getting laughed out of that one brewery in Michigan. Yeah, traveling really sucks sometimes. It’s a suckiness inherent to the life of road warriors everywhere, and I will never again write this lifestyle off as simply “fun and exciting.” It’s so much more than that.

The big things make it good. Actually, they make it the best job in the world. They motivate and inspire and give me that feeling no one can explain but everyone feels when they know they are a part of something big. The big things make me feel lucky. Think about it, I get to meet our backers who have been with us from the beginning face to face, hear their voices, and get their feedback first hand. I get to hear the relief in bartender’s voices when it clicks that these little bags will make their lives a million times easier. I get to feel the excited curiosity of strangers seeing SYNEK for the first time. And mostly, I get to witness the faces of brewers when they realize that this one simple product could change everything about the industry.

The big things make every little inconvenience and frustration totally and completely worth it.

This past week in Philadelphia I could really feel how much I’ve learned on the road. It got easier to explain the product to breweries, less terrifying to walk into a cold call, and more frustrating to drive from place to place (Philly has way more traffic than Detroit, imagine that). It was great connecting with breweries like Manayunk, Dock Street, Naked, and Round Guys who were all amazingly open minded and welcoming. Although I couldn’t make it past the hostess stands, it was also cool to see places like Troegs, Victory, and Iron Hill with their huge tap rooms and fancy growler fillers. While it’s tough to break through the bureaucracy with those big players, it was cool to see some of the most important breweries in the area in person.

All in all, I feel great about my time in Philly. More breweries and growler filling stations are ready for customers to come get their delicious brews at the highest quality, and that number will keep on growing! We’ve learned how important it is to meet these people in the flesh in order to create real relationships and genuine partnerships; so I’ll definitely have to come back again soon to get more places up and running. I guess that means I’ll also just HAVE to eat more cheesesteaks, walk more around Old City, and cheer on the Flyers again. It’s a hard life, but I guess I can handle it.