State of the Union

16 November 2015

So we’ve gotten to this point. Come one and come all and get your unit. After a few crazy years of getting this product from Steve’s dream into the real world, another six months getting it into the hands of our early adopters, and three more months making that product work the way we thought it was supposed to.

We had a long way to climb, but here we are. Stronger than ever, and with a SYNEK that we are proud to call our own. For those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning, we really can’t thank you enough. For those of you who just recently joined us, you really should personally thank all of our early adopters (both breweries and kickstarters) in your thoughts and prayers tonight because they got us to where we are today.

Obviously there are some that are more deserving of praise, and we will be shining the spotlight on some of those folks in this very blog. It’s not that we play favorites… actually scratch that… these pioneers and breweries are totally are our favorites (sorry every other person reading this), and we just want all of you to appreciate them as much as we do. They deserve the love, and we want that love to come from you.

In addition to our weekly spotlights, we’ll also be bringing you updates from the road directly from our warhawks mouths (beaks… nah, not humoring them that much). As they’re out there slinging that sweet SYNEK swag to your local breweries, we’ll keep you up to date right here about where you can look to fill your cartridges the way Steve intended it.