(ST. LOUIS) After raising $650,000 on Kickstarter and a subsequent $3.1 million in initial funding, SYNEK (“sin-eck”) announces three major product innovations that will further expand the quality and variety of beer to its customers.

“We’re not a one trick pony,” said Steve Young, SYNEK founder and CEO. “Delivering the last preorder is just the beginning of our quest to make great beer available to all.”

While hundreds of breweries already partnered, introducing the Growler Adapter will expedite their vision of perfect access by tapping into the industry standard. For the first time, this expands SYNEK’s capabilities to the increasingly popular nitrogen infused beers.

To optimize for the strong homebrewing community, the newly redesigned SYNEK cartridges now tout a 50 percent higher pressure rating. The reinforced design allows homebrewers an easier, safer and cleaner way to package and pour their own brews.

A vast majority of the beer industry currently uses vented faucets. While common, these faucets introduce beer killing oxygen with every pour. By creating a simple pliable sling, these taps can be upgraded to provide higher quality and longer lasting beer whether enjoyed in a pint glass, growler or SYNEK cartridge.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, just beer,” Young said.

All of these innovations are currently being tested by select breweries and will be available mass market in Spring 2016.


Born on Kickstarter, SYNEK pours your favorite beer on draft, at home. By filling a simple cartridge from any tap, the dispenser keeps your beer chilled, pressurized and at perfectly captured quality for 30+ days. Now, every brewery is available at home. Craftsmanship deserves to be shared. Learn more at


A former stock analyst turned start-up founder, Steve has devoted the past three years to perfecting the revolutionary product he made for an industry he had no background in. After identifying outdated processes in the craft beer industry, he took matters into his own hands and created the SYNEK system—the first ever counter-top craft beer dispenser. Steve and the rest of SYNEK can now be found in Denver, where he loves finding the cheapest happy hours, being a bandwagon Broncos fan, and mooching off his more successful brother.


A man whose intensity is only matched by the size of his beard, Eric is SYNEK’s marketing extraordinaire. While many think that our magical beer machine sells itself, “E” (as he’s known around the office) leads a crack-team who has only one goal in mind: getting a unit in the hands of everyone. When he’s not answering billions of emails, Eric enjoys relaxing by destroying his friends at Settlers of Catan and running long distances.


One of the most personable people you’ll ever meet, Mike is in charge of SYNEK’s partnership division. A craft beer lover since prenatal, Mike loved Steve’s vision and passion; being the final piece of the “Three Musketbeers” placed Mike at partner level and he hasn’t slowed down since. With hundreds of breweries already on board and more joining the Revolution every day, Mike and his team are killing the game in every way. When not working, Mike can be found practicing his J. Crew modeling skills and cheering for the worst football team: the Packers.


“We believe that craftsmanship deserves to be shared with the world.”


In 2013 the craft beer industry was rapidly expanding with 1.2 new breweries opening each day and beer production up 9.6% (CNBC). This caught the eye of a measly stock analyst from St. Louis, Steve Young. Intrigued, he consulted industry experts and brewers in attempt to better understand the industry. In the process he discovered that everyone he talked to had a similar problem: Distribution. Bottling is expensive and limiting, growlers are inefficient, and kegs are simply too big for the average consumer. Their customers demand top quality beer, and they want a better way to get that beer in their hands. Thus began the idea of SYNEK and it’s revolutionary draft system.

When traditional investment avenues weren’t working, Steve decided to take SYNEK straight to consumers for funding. In July of 2014, SYNEK launched on Kickstarter. By the end of the Kickstarter SYNEK had raised over $650,000, nearly three times the initial goal of $250,000. Steve’s dream was on its way to becoming a reality.


Last June, SYNEK officially launched the dispenser and The Great American Expedition, starting in St. Louis! This consisted of Launch Events in over 35 cities across the country in a span of merely three months. Wanting to keep the personal touch SYNEK already established, Kickstarter and pre-ordered dispensers were handed out by our road team at each event; meaningful relationships were established, beer was consumed, and fun was had by all. A full run-down of every launch event can be found at: While SYNEK’s Kickstarter campaign was undoubtedly a success, a deadline of under a year was put in place for the design, manufacturing, and delivery of a home draft system which was little more than a theory and prototype at the time. With only three months for our road team to receive the units they needed, the first wave of SYNEK systems arrived a week before the Expedition began and they were nowhere up to par. The issues began to compound: components had up to a 60% defective rate, customer service emails piled up by the hundreds, and entire shipments started to disappear into seemingly thin air. By September, things seemed dire. The future was in question and morale was at an all-time low.


SYNEK just uprooted the company in entirety and made the move to Denver. While the road team, codename “Warhawks” will be traveling a lot, operations will now be based in one of the largest craft beer markets in the world. In addition to spreading the good word of SYNEK farther and wider, we’ve gone back to our innovative ways that got us here, and are devoted to make SYNEK synonymous with the cutting edge of the beverage community.


RELEASED: JANUARY 29th, 2016 10:00AM CT

(St. Louis, MO): SYNEK (‘sin-eck’) is pleased to announce the release of the final dispenser design and new website, The final design is a result of meetings with industry experts and breweries over the past six months to make the necessary changes to the original prototype, shown during the 2014 Kickstarter campaign. The reveal video showcases the final design of the dispenser in several different settings, displaying the versatility of the unit.

“We believe that SYNEK could have the same impact on beer that Keurig had on coffee,” said Steve Young, Founder. “Brewers engage more customers, distributors save on shipping costs, retailers fit more product on shelves, and customers access more brands than ever before.”

Unlike bottles and cans, SYNEK bags can be filled from any tap, giving access to an unlimited variety. The dispenser is self-refrigerated and pressurized, which extends the shelf life well past growlers. In addition to the aesthetic changes, the new design includes several functional improvements to the original prototype, including: improved insulation, cooling, and the ease of interchanging bags.

“It sounds like a beer lover’s fantasy: all around the country, everyone could have beer dispensers on their kitchen counters next to their coffee machines, spouting cold bitter brews into eager glasses throughout the day.” –Time Magazine


SYNEK is a portable countertop beer dispenser that can be filled from any tap. The St. Louis based startup company ran a successful $650,000 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2014 wherein they pre-sold thousands of units in over 40 countries. They currently have 1,200+ brewery partnerships in those countries, a number growing daily. They have also received recognition from local and national startup competitions including: the St. Louis Startup Challenge and Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest competition.








For those SYNEK users in areas with restrictive liquor laws (I’m looking at you Virginia and North Carolina), or who live too far away from a fully functioning fill station, we’ve come up with the perfect solution. The Growler adapter will work with any standard sized growler and fit perfectly in your unit. Though the quantity and quality cannot stand up to what a SYN cartridge provides, they make SYNEK compatible with Nitro beers for the first time. So get ready for that smooth and creamy pour of Nitro in the comfort of your own home y’all.


As you may know, SYNEK was originally pitched with homebrewers in mind. Our proprietary cartridge was set to replace the need for bottling for good. And while the original SYN cartridge has proven more than up to the task of finished product filling, it just wasn’t up to snuff for our most devoted and knowledgeable fans. These new reinforced, redesigned cartridges are here to fix that problem. I won’t bore you with the details of how, just know that the seams are stronger, the flanges are thicker, and the cap is easier to screw on tight too.


In order to make the filling process quicker, easier, and cleaner, we developed a simple silicone fitment that creates the perfect filling atmosphere. Instead of allowing air (and unfortunately beer) from vented taps, these vented slings close the circuit and keeps air out of your cartridges, and beer out of your bartenders face.