Product Launch Team (Paid Summer Internship)

About this Job

We’re looking for a team to help prepare our second product launch this summer. We have sold $250,000+ in preorders worldwide already and there are lots of details to finish: tweaking the final product design, coordinating our beta program, developing our new brand, and much more. This is not a case study – you will see your work being used by 10,000+ customers.

Your first week will be working directly with our customers and then we’ll break off into smaller teams from there to manage the individual responsibilities. Think of it like a “chose your own adventure” book except with more wine.

Specific teams involved in the launch include: marketing, business development + sales, customer engagment, customer support, and logistics teams.

The 10 week internship begins on June 5.



We love beer and wine. They are amazing crafts that deserve to be explored, understood, and easily available. So we created the first smart countertop dispensers that individually customize recommendations (like Pandora for music), ship direct to door, and pour perfectly every time. We’re a Kickstarter success story raising nearly $1 million between two campaigns, and have been on the market for 1 year. Now, we’re gearing up for our 2nd product launch and need your help.