Shipping Update

Sent out on 9/3/2015

Hi everyone!

Thank you. Really, I couldn’t mean that any more sincerely. Your support is building a company and transforming an industry, and it is working! Check out some of our internal stats:

 Wave 1
(June 2015)
Wave 2
(July 2015)
Wave 3
(August 2015)
  Employees 6 10 17 22
  Fill locations 1,268 1,324 1,527 1,700+
  Daily customer
  service emails
~100 ~325 ~1,500 ~2,000
  Door defects 35% 0% 0% 0%
  Regulator defects 50% 18% 12% 5%
  Tubing issues 25% 0% 0% 0%
  Units in the wild 97 255 481 1,750
Let’s pause for a moment for a true heart to heart: You guys are our early adopters. Our relationship is not a transaction. It’s a team effort to build something awesome.

We’re not a Fortune 500 corporation with resources to blow and everything in place. We’re a small team trying to transform beer for the better, learning and improving every day. We will deliver your unit. We will make sure it’s perfect. It may take iterations and time.

That said, it’s not always easy being an early adopter and being part of the product development process. Sometimes you feel our growing pains. If you ever feel that the early adopter deal isn’t for you anymore, we’ll refund you 100%. No hard feelings. Shoot us an email.

Now, our engineers have a new tweak on the regulator that will drive the defect rate to under 5% and be ready by Thursday (9/10). With that news, here’s the plan: we’ll be transitioning to a rolling schedule of 45-50 units per day starting next Friday (9/11) as the newest regulators come in. See the full plan here. As always, we can never be 100% confident in the dates until they happen, but we will let you know of changes as they happen.

Eric and the SYNEK Team