Dearest SYNEK Pioneer,

You rock. You know that, of course, but it does bear repeating. Much in the same way that the phrase, "RUN A BLACK BEAR IS COMING," also bears repeating. Below, you'll find the complete instructions that will prepare you to convert any brewery or fill station. They won't be able to resist your knowledge, charms, and dashing good looks. Go get 'em tiger.

Eric and The SYNEK Team


  1. Check out the items you'll be receiving in your Starter Kit here.
  2. See the "how to fill" sheet here.
  3. Read more about the SYNEK cartridges here.
  4. Learn about the different types of taps you will see here.
  5. Watch the "SYNEK How To" video below.
  6. Study the FAQ responses below (pdf version here).

NOTE: Before going into the wild, read this quick guide on interacting with brewery management here.





It foams too much.
    - Filling a cartridge produces less foam per ounce of beer than traditional growlers.
    - Our Foam Release allows you to direct the foam wherever you want; no mess like growlers.
It's too hard to adopt.
    - How many hours have you spent educating your staff on proper pint and growler filling methods? (Wait for answer). Chances are it’s at least 5-10 minutes. That’s all this takes.
    - Like growler fills (and all new experiences in life), filling SYNEK cartridges will take some practice. We don’t expect anyone to be experts on their first fill; however, it’s a quick learning curve and in no time at all it will be second-nature.
It takes too long.
    - Filling a SYNEK cartridge takes about the same time as a growler fill, despite being twice the size.
    - You make $20-$30 dollars (or whatever you want to charge for a gallon) in ~90 secs.
    - It will be an exciting, interesting experience for other, witnessing patrons. Make your establishment seem like a cutting edge spot.
    - You reserve the right to turn away customers who try to fill during busy times. Just ask that they come at slower times if you feel overwhelmed. SYNEK customers are smart.
For all cleaning questions.
    - Our cleaning standards are on our website.
    - Cartridges are one-time use and 100% sanitary/purged every time.
    - SYNEK owners are instructed to rinse their dispenser’s lines in-between each cartridge use.
I cannot control quality; can’t ensure a customer properly maintains their cartridge and/or dispenser.
    - Can’t I use that same argument for growler fills? You sell and fill growlers…? (or whatever products they currently use for to-go beer.)
If the shelf life lasts longer, then people will buy less/less often.
    - It’s all relative. If the customer usually buys one 64oz growler every 4 days, they’ll buy one 128oz cartridge (if not more since there’s shelf-life) every 8 (or less) days.
    - It is the Costco/Sam’s Club Effect. Consumers believe “Since I can buy more, I can consume more.” And the increased consumption outpaces the increased purchase quantity/rate. (Think bulk paper towel purchases from Costco.)
It doesn’t stand up; it’s awkward/floppy.
    - It should stand on its own when connected to the tap and facing the faucet, due to the Adapter’s short length.
    - Worst case: We would be happy to provide you with a custom stand.
We don’t want to convert our taps to non-vented.
    - Filling still works with vented taps, just not 100% perfectly/ideally. More info online and if you email
    - A non-vented tap purchase pays for itself with two SYNEK cartridge fills (~$60+ revenue).


What does the name, SYNEK, mean?
    - When we first started, everybody said this concept was crazy and could not be done. We told those cynics that when the product was complete, we would name it after them.
When did you start?
    - We were the first company founded in 2013 in the US Central Time Zone (signed the papers when the New Years ball dropped). Full-time started late 2013 after winning a startup pitch competition. We began prepping for our Kickstarter, launched that in June 2014, and been running on all cylinders since!
Who founded SYNEK?
    - A dedicated team of dreamers, engineers, beer geeks, and entrepreneurs, along with the invaluable support of about 3,000 brewers and Kickstarter backers.


What is SYNEK?
    - It is the highest in demand. It simply looks really, really nice, and people are responding really well.
    - It sports the first ever ionized faucet, which won’t scratch, chip, or most importantly make your beer taste like pennies, as plated spouts often do. This tap will be the industry standard within 5 years.
    - It is a limited edition. We are capping its production soon.
What is that faucet/tap?
    - It is the Perlick stainless steel flow control tap. It is top of the line because it: 1) reduces foam, 2) cause zero impact on beer taste, 3) stays cleaner longer, and 4) provides a perfect pour every time.
What is that regulator?
    - It is a custom beer regulator that goes from 0 to 12 PSI. Anything over 12 PSI for a product like SYNEK means you are likely over-carbonating your beer.
Is it temperature-controlled?
    - Yes. It will get your beer frosty without freezing it. Just set it and forget it. Look how cold this beer is!
What electricity does it pull?
    - 110V. Very low power pull; like a toaster oven. It will work with most cars’ outlets with a converter.
How fast does it get warm beer cold?
    - It chills beer 3x faster than a traditional refrigerator.
Where is it made?
    - Over 60% of the parts are made from American companies - including the faucet (Wisconsin), tap handles (California), Cartridges (Missouri), and CO2 tank (Ohio).
    - Do not say China unless they directly ask; say “abroad”. If they drill-down, then say all these American parts are assembled in a Chinese factory that is considered the “Cadillac of factories” over there. They make many products for high-end retailers like Sharper Image and Brookstone. We did not cut any corners with this product and the factory is monitored by our American team.
    - If you’re chummy and/or you feel they are open to a little banter: if they negatively react to China for sourcing, ask them to list their favorite 20 consumer products in their home and look into where they are made.


How can you tell when the cartridge is full?
    - Beer line will be visible through the cap.
How long does the filling process take?
    - Approx. 90 sec. for the 128oz (~2x a standard 64oz fill, as you’d expect).
How much beer does the cartridge hold?
    - One gallon, 128 ounces, 8 pints (a “double growler”, 64oz is traditional).
Are the cartridges reusable?
    - Cartridges are intended for one-time use. We strongly discourage filling a used cartridge. Homebrewers are free to multi-use at their sanitary expense and risk of leakage.
How do I know that I'm filling an unused cartridge?
    - A new cartridge is perfectly flat and smooth. A used cartridge will be obviously crinkled, probably damp, and probably smell. In short, a used cartridge is really obvious.
What are the cartridges made out of?
    - Short answer: 7-layered. FDA-approved inner-layer, first-ever “stretched aluminum” middle layers, reinforced nylon outer-layer. This is not mylar.
    - This is the first ever multi-layer structure comprised of: 1) reinforced nylon for strength (outer layer), 2) patent-pending “stretched aluminum” (i.e. nothing you have ever seen on the market; not mylar) for keg-like shelf-life, 3) FDA-approved and food-grade polymer specially designed for spirits and beer (inner-layer).
How much PSI do the bags hold?
    - The bags hold up to 25+ PSI and have a pressure-relief valve built in at ~15-20 PSI.
How much do the cartridges cost?
    - Cartridges cost $1-2 depending on order size. Further, we encourage partners to simply bake this cost into the cost of a fill of beer to the consumer (i.e. don’t charge $1 for the cartridge and $20 for the fill. Just charge $21 for the fill)
How much foam does this generate?
    - ~4-6oz beer (in the form of foam) per 128oz beer (vs ~32-64+oz of foam for a 64oz growler fill).
How do you clean the tap adapters?
    - Tap adapters are cleaned by rinsing with the cleaning fitments and in brewer cleaning solution. Detailed cleaning instructions available at
How does the functional cap/dispenser get cleaned?
    - Detailed cleaning instructions available at
How many others are on board?
    - 1,400+ partners in the United States who’ve agreed to fill.
How long does beer stay fresh in the SYNEK dispenser?
    - When filled correctly, 30-90+ days.