Warhawks Nest

So... Crazy first week out in the wilderness for our Warhawks. We've brought some major disruption into three of our neediest markets, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Detroit.



Caroline, the resident Dragon of SYNEK, took to the mean streets of Detroit and brought 16 breweries into the fold. Wow, that's almost as many errors as the Detroit Tigers pitchers committed in the 2006 World Series.... Dated reference? I don't care. The only thing that matters is that Hopcat Detroit, Arbor Brewing Co, Ellison, Midtown, Eagle Monk, and Brewery Becker are all 100% ready to hook you up with some bomb beer you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


San Francisco

Over in San Fran, the second prettiest girl in SYNEK, Nate Bartell, used his good looks to score some crazy awesome filling stations. If you're in the bay area, head on over to Thirsty Bear, Black Hammer, Barrel Head, Linden Street, Drake's, Federation, and Independence Brewing to get that bitter sweet goodness we call beer in your hands.

Washington DC

And of course, the Grand Master Falcon Chief Steve absolutely killed it in our nation's Capitol. Just in case you were wondering where you could fill your SYNEK cartridges in the greater DC area... prepare to be overwhelmed with options. Old Ox, Ocelot, Lost Rhino, MacDowell, Bellylove, Dirt Farm, Adroit Theory, Mad Fox, Capitol City, and DC Brau are all filling SYNEKs. If you're having trouble deciding where to go, just tell yourself "why not try them all?". 


So if you're from those cities, BE STOKED! If you're from somewhere else, ALSO BE STOKED, cause our Warhawks are expanding, and are coming to cities near you to do the exact... same... thing...

Stay tuned for next week when our Warhawks are headed to Cleveland, Philadelphia, Portland, Austin, San Antonio, Seattle, and Chicago. GET PUMPED!